About Us
Design-Execution is a California licensed and bonded General Building Contractor. #949921  We are a corporation based in Berkeley, CA with wonderful clients in the surrounding cities of the Bay Area.  We end up learning something new and excellent from every client we have served.  We can bring this experience to your project.  We approach each job as an opportunity to further hone our skills and to share our tricks with you.

It is possible to be fancy and practical as well as elegant and comfortable. You can have both worlds if you let us help you figure it out.

Visit the testimonials page  testimonials and let them tell it in their own words.

Investment Opportunities
We are not currently seeking investors or offering corporate shares.   We would carefully consider joint building ventures, and bidding opportunities to mutual benefit. Feel free to contact us using the contact link on this page.

Employment Opportunities
We are not hiring at this time. If you are a fully licensed and highly skilled professional interested in possible subcontracts, or if you have need of our services please use the "Linkedin" icon in the right sidebar to introduce yourself and connect with us. 

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